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Nemesis Origin Story

The Iconic Nemesis Tattoo and Piercing Studios were founded in 2008 by three friends and colleagues – Zoltan, Tomi and Attila. Camden Town was the obvious location choice for the trio’s new business venture. The North London borough has been synonymous with alternative culture, music, piercings and tattoos since the early 90s.

“The Iconic Nemesis Tattoo and Piercing Studios”

The first studio on Buck Street was originally an old record shop which was completely renovated to their exacting standards. After some debate over what to call their new enterprise, Tomi suggested the name – Nemesis. Borrowed from the spine-chilling monologue of British actor – Alan Ford’s character ‘Brick-Top’ in the cult classic ‘Snatch’. The film being a firm favourite of the three friends. You can check out the full scene here in case you need a reminder. After ten years of success they were able expand their business, securing a building on Inverness Street a few meters from the original studio. After a complete gutting and renovation, the second Nemesis officially opened in February 2018. Despite tattoo studios and artists suffering greatly throughout the pandemic of 2020, thanks to the loyalty of our customers Nemesis, continues to thrive and grow well beyond the original vision of Zoltan, Attila and Tomi.

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