EventsUnveiling the BMXNET Experience: Our Piercers Shine in Berlin!


Unveiling the BMXNET Experience: Our Piercers Shine in Berlin!

Last week, our skilled piercers Davide and Zoltan had the incredible opportunity to attend the renowned BMXNET Conference in Berlin, Germany. As Europe’s leading event for body piercing, body modification, and tattoo artistry, this conference offered them a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Prepare to be amazed as we unravel their incredible journey and the exciting future that awaits at Nemesis Tattoo and Piercing Studio.

Accompanied by an intriguing image, Davide and Zoltan were proudly pictured holding certificates at the BMXNET Conference. Their outstanding skills and dedication were recognised, bringing honour not only to them but also to our studio.

The BMXNET Conference provided our piercers with the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and techniques in body piercing and modification. Their enthusiastic incorporation of these fresh insights into their work promises even more exceptional creations at our studio.

Inspired and motivated by their BMXNET experience, Davide and Zoltan are now eager to push boundaries and bring a new level of artistry to Nemesis Tattoo and Piercing Studio. Stay tuned for thrilling updates as they apply their expanded knowledge and expertise.

The BMXNET Conference was a pivotal experience for Davide and Zoltan, propelling them towards new heights in their craft. As they integrate their learnings into their already impressive skills, a future of captivating designs and top-notch service awaits at Nemesis Tattoo and Piercing Studio. Watch this space for more updates on their journey to bring you their finest work yet!

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